Back to Vegas for Brazzers!!!


I have just got back from SinCity, I had a 3 week trip with Brazzers, I got to catch up with both Crews in Vegas shooting some amazing scenes with some even greater talent!

One Highlight was getting to play Bobba Fett, the costume we used was pretty awesome!! Driving out into the Las Vegas Desert where it never rains, until we pull out a camera that is, the inevitable happens it rains… We ended up driving back to the location to shoot the Sex Scene before going back to the desert to shoot the acting whilst the sun was still up. You See, its not always fun and games!!

Some of you who follow me on twitter @DannyDxxx may of seen before I flew to America i got to play a Storm Trooper & Magneto for Brazzers which also involved some Hardcore Costume and Styling!!! Keep an Eye Out for these Updates!!

Now I’m back to the UK for a little it’s time to catch up with everyone, get ready for some UK shoots. In the meantime, i know I say it every post but I intend to update my blog more often and keep you updated on all info Danny D!

The Danny D Store is up and running now, after several years of selling items to fans via Twitter and countless back and forth emails, I have made it a lot simpler for you to get your hands on some of my Items, obviously the Danny D Dildo is available for purchase directly through the site as well as a very limited personally signed edition! For the more kinky fans I have listed some worn items such as underwear and shoes for the feet fanatics!! Thankfully I have quite a large sneaker/shoe collection because they don’t seem to hang around very long on the site!!

Dont Forget to Let me know what you want to see and hear from me on here, your feedback is always welcomed!!

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Danny D


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